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Hydrogen bonded non-canonical base pairs have been implicated as key players in shaping the structural complexity and functional diversity of non (protein) coding RNA molecules. To explore specific functionalities of different non-canonical base pairs in structural and functional context of RNA, one needs to understand structural dynamics of a RNA molecules and hence intrinsic stability of base pairs.

Calculation of intrinsic interaction energy of different base pairing geometries using ab-initio and DFT based Quantum Mechanical (QM) methods can provide significant inputs in this context.

RNA Base Pair Count Geometry and Stability (RNABP COGEST), a collaborative initiative of International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad and Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, is a database which provides, consolidated QM analysis data regarding interaction energies and structural parameters of both crystal and ground state optimized geometries, and occurrences of all putative base pairing geometries in an available non redundant crystal structure database at a glance.

To get a complete overview of all available base pair geometries the BROWSE here and if you have any specific query in your mind SEARCH here.

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Click Here to view mapping between RNABP COGEST and Non-canonical RNA Base-Pair database.

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