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This page provides search options based structural parameters like, six base pair parameters (buckle, proppeller, open, stagger, shear, stretch) and E value which provide insights about spatial arrangement of two bases in the base pair and goodness of a particular base pair in terms of planarity and H-bonding.

Note: Specify parameter ranges like
<-10.0 (value less then -10 kcal/mol)
or >-15.0 (value greater than -15 kcal/mol)
or <-10.0;>-15.0 (value ranges in between -10 kcal/mol and -15 kcal/mol)
For negative numbers "<" gives higher number with negative sign and ">" gives lower number with negative sign.
For more details CLICK HERE.

1. Search based on Base Pair parameter
Choose Optimization method
2. E_value based search (for optimized structure only)
Choose Optimization method
3. Structural parameter based search in crystal occurences

Choose the base pair from the drop-down menus and click on "Submit" to view count, geometry and stability information of the base pair!

Occurences of Base pairs that have than the optimized geometries.

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